Mantra - Yantra for Skin Problems

This is most specific Yantra - Mantra Sadhana for Skin Diseases. Even severe, chronic and painful skin problems are said to be eradicated by the practice of the Mantra – Yantra Sadhana.

The Yantra which I have given below has to be prepared on a Bhojpatra and written with the paste of Ashtagandha. One prepared the Yantra has to be energized by holding it in your hand and chanting the Mantra given here.

Then it has to be stitched in a black colored cloth and tied as an amulet on the right hand of the person who is suffering from skin disease.

Hindu Yantra for resolving Skin Problems
Yantra for Skin Problems

Indian Mantra for resolving Skin Problems
Mantra for Skin Problems

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  1. Pranam Guruji, I am suffering from acne problems for the past 15 years, I have tried all the possible medicines, creams etc but it is not curing permanently, it is creating problem for marriage, job and my self confidence has gone down, I am in a depression, please let me whether the above given amulet and mantra will cure my problems? how many mala to be chanted for energising it? what time of the day is best to do it? Do I need to remove it during monthly cycle? kindly advise please please

  2. Sir, I have been suffering from pimples, acne, heat boils and their scars , pits etc for the past 20 years, now I am 35 yrs but still suffering from this skin problems. Could u please let me know if this will cure my skin problems, please advise. Thank you.

    1. As you can see this is a paranormal Mantra remedy for skin problems and the method for practicing the remedy is described in the above article.

  3. Sir, Can we insert the black coloured cloth (with the yantra) inside an amulet(tabeez) and wear it instead of wearing it openly

    1. The other option is to wear the Yantra around the neck, but it should not be inserted in another amulet.

  4. Om shanti Guruji I m suffering from scalp psoriasis and itching anywhere may i wear it yantra And how many times chant this mantra

    1. You can wear the Yantra and chant the Mantra 7 or 11 times daily.

  5. Is skin disease mantra useful for stitches mark

  6. ir i have a chronic skin problem which medicines are not be to cure and the reason is also identifiable and it is spreading rapidly. please guide sir

  7. How long should we wear this on panditji?

    1. Until you get relief from the skin disease.

    2. Is this mantra good for psoriasis too. thank you.

    3. Yes, you can try along with your medicines to make them more effective.


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