Shiva Mantra for Purity

A short and simple Shiva Mantra for Purity. This mantra is for the ordinary man; not complicated and time consuming to practice. The meaning of this mantra is “I pray to SHIVA; the ONE who is always Pure “.

Each and everyone commits many impure actions in the course of their lives. Most of the times such action prey on the mind and guilt complex takes roots in the sub-conscious mind. The person who goes on and on thinking about the sins he has committed is never a happy and contented man.

This Shiva Mantra is one which can be chanted loudly; with intensity, whenever one comes across such strong feelings and emotions of guilt and repentance about the impure actions which one has committed in the past.

Lord Shiva Mantra Chant for Gaining Purity
Shiva Mantra for Purity

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