Countdown to World War 3 started

The count down to World War 3 now appears to have started and is entering the crucial final stages. This site has been repeatedly warning that assassinations; a series of connected ones will be the key in starting World War 3. There is a huge conspiracy going on behind the scenes which is manipulating and pulling the strings in  the series of connected assassinations and will continue to do so; there final aim; World War 3.

The schemers; the New World Order will place the blame on some “Fall Guys” who have already been predestined for that role. The latest assassination of the American Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Libya appears to an integral part of that series. There is speculation in the media as to how the confidential details of his visit were known to the assassins well in advance; so that they could plan it so meticulously.

The various prophecies; including those of Nostradamus which this site has interpreted over a period of time including those of the Iran assassinations clearly indicate a set pattern.

What one has to do is await the much expected and awaited assassination of the elusive Mabus. Mabus is the “Big One” the one which will be final one; the commencement of World War 3. The planners the “NWO” will most certainly have identified him.

The unstoppable urge for total control over the resources of the world has made them desperate. Money and control the Money Markets is the key to their power, with the Global Slowdown time is running out for them; hence the desperation.

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  1. Looks like it is near. Coronavirus is the first major step.

  2. Native american prophecy regarding end of white man's empire.


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