All tasks fulfilling mantra 2

This is a continuation of the post on the All tasks fulfilling mantra which I had given earlier. I feel it is proper to write a brief description on the origin and the nature of that mantra for better understanding the mantra.

Dattatreya, Narada, Maharishi Vyas, Shukracharya, Hanuman. Kartavirya and Gorakhnath are the seven; who in the Hindu religion are described as Smatrugami. The meaning of Smartugami is “the one who manifests by just remembering him”.

Kartavirya or Kartavirya Arjuna is one about whom some people might not know much about; the other six are by comparison very well known. He is an ancient King; mentioned in the Puranas; who was a contemporary of Ravana and Parshurama amongst others. He was also a great disciple and worshipper of Dattatreya. The mantra which I had given is dedicated to Kartavirya.

It has been mentioned in the texts that any Kartavirya Mantra has to be chanted 1000 times while sitting with a Diya of Ghee [clarified butter] to achieve Siddhi [mastery]. It is said that Kartavirya is very found of Deep [lights] and also sometimes called Deep-priyah Kartaviryo,

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  1. Sir, can i really practice this mantra, and is there any harm in practicing this mantra..?

  2. I need to clear a point :
    any Kartavirya Mantra has to be chanted 1000 times while sitting with a Diya of Ghee
    Do we have to sit with a Ghee Lamp in our hand or just light a lamp on the floor as usual ?
    Also the lamp can be lit in a metal lamp or should be of dough(kanik) ?
    Thanks in advance

    1. The Ghee Diya has to be place before you and not held in the hand.
      The Diya can be of any kind, including metal or dough.

  3. sir will you say the kaartvirya mantras,thank you.


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