Modified females in future

For even better "moderns", more could be genetically improved. Attitudes including often good friendly relations with others were affected by mental developments before and after birth, (and then could be further advanced better by fond careful kind helpful upbringing plus good education). These had gotten caused and then usefully developed better thanks to moderns' starting good developmental genetics. These included maturing mood tendencies, also good future loyal mating helpful behavior tendencies.

Since several of the females had lost a mate on Earth, (murdered by hateful conservative religious foes opposing any future alterations becoming developed to "corrupt" any supposedly God (Allah, Jahveh) Given proclaimed Perfect Intelligently Designed Superior natural Human genetics), those females who had reached the high orbiting Fullball world with a husband usually happily stayed safely mated with him for future hopefully long lives.

Considering the long future healthy lives for new improved more healthy playful happy young, such parents of moderns liked having their new young not only being genetically started likely easier to raise, but also ultimately more likely to prefer a future long-term happily contented mating with a later found nice happily close minded partner.

Various useful nice details kept getting explored and studied more by some of the human chromosomes R&D (research & development) experts. They kept finding a few ways indeed able to have possible happy partnerships favorably influenced by genetically regulated brain developments. New maturing moderns who'd been created to include such refinements did gradually develop behavior natures more favorable for happier long-term uniting with a single preferred close minded partner mate. This was thought likely to result in a somewhat happier and more harmonious good society, helpful for long living moderns.

Helpful for this safely off Earth, new female moderns could also be modified some to improve their maturing appearances, such as having cuter faces, also more attractive bodies. Genetics determines how we look. Some male R&D experts were unsurprisingly somewhat interested in finding what should help produce future more attractive females sometimes close around them. Already some had been trying this a bit in the past, and similarly for making new modern males.

For new moderns, the human genetics R&D experts had kept doing ever better, including securely communicating around within their special inventive networks some good genetic ways also being found to have new moderns become likely to mentally mature usefully better for technological studies and inventive help.

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