Genetically Modified humans will be hated and killed

Genetics originators of any new "moderns", and their mothers, cautiously avoided getting publicly boastful about any such new young, improved more and more beyond genetically pure natural humans . It was realized that some folks would much oppose serious departures away from natural humans. Some would likely become quite hateful against "moderns" and their parents, and maybe more even violently hateful against the genetics R&D (research & development) experts responsible for achieving new moderns, maybe more hateful than past centuries of racist hatefulness against some actually merely having had rather unimportant natural human racial external appearance differences.

Many traditional humans around the world did indeed became quite hateful against any initiating new "moderns". Some science fiction movies profited from distorting any genetic changes to horrific extremes. Partly this arose from secret jealousy over moderns' increasingly superior improved health and slowed aging. Some religious conservatives became ever more violently hateful against moderns and their producers for not respecting what they much loved proudly proclaiming had to have been God's (Allah's, Jahveh's) Superior Intelligent Perfect Design of His Top Special life form: Humans. They insisted on laws passed around the world outlawing any production of such genetic "corruptions" violating pure natural humans.

Gradually more and more moderns or their makers got hatefully killed around the world. The more useful sex for moderns became females. They alone could produce new babies, improved increasingly more beyond their parents. (And thanks to our very helpful evolved mammal nature, it was mothers who most lovingly cared for and devotedly fondly raised their new young, often while their mates were away somewhat conspicuously noticeably busy at work.) Raw genetically mixed random sex was unneeded for moderns. If a male was wanted, a Y chromosome (to replace 1 of the 2 female X chromosomes) wasn't hard to isolate and maybe improve from easily obtainable male sperms.

As more moderns and their parents got killed annually, (actually more often being the more prominent R&D males, often viewed by many of their haters as more threatening than their less noticed quieter wives not working on such R&D), this kept gradually resulting in more survivors being female, (unfortunately left mate less). After all, it had long been R&D males who had likewise been most responsible for promoting many significant technology advances, now sometimes including ever more new produced DNA modifications good for moderns, while their wives were often quietly preoccupied caring for their homes and any children.

Also mothers might sometimes prefer having daughters, partly since only they could bear fresh generations, (while so far fortunately being less likely to end up getting noticed too publicly, to then also get hatefully murdered).

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