Possible beginning of Global Warming detected

Beyond existing flaws in human inherited genetics , other questions were being raised by a few about God (Allah, Jahveh). Why should it have been that Earth had been created such that, quite the opposite from good, in the distant future, Sol will keep expanding so big that it overheats Earth to become hotter than Hell, so that all Earth life, (including humans), will get scorched to extinction here? Why should He cruelly want us finally exterminated? Who can consider that somehow Godly nice? (Recently a possible beginning of "global warming" has been getting detected. At its core, Sol reaches superhot temperature 15million deg.C = 27million deg.F)

And then why have created all for us such that many yearly natural disasters kill many innocent folks, including some dedicated worshipers, also babies and children? Shouldn't that seem awfully uncaring, or even heartlessly cruel?

Early theology doctrines had presented our reality as if we lived on an almost flat wide plane, with our sun and moon maybe simply being rather small disks passing daily across our big wide sky, the Solar disk lighting Earth each day, and Luna weakly lighting Earth part of most nights, with the Lunar disk repeatedly cycling through progressive crescent shapes and relative sky positions every 29.53 days. Such a cycling Lunar disk could seem strange. True?

The Solar (& Lunar) disk appears to be .3% the width of our sky. This is true wherever Sol is in our sky, whether high above us, or when just above our distant sky horizon. That shouldn't have been true if Sol was simply some rather small disk floating across the ancient doctrine's supposedly flat surface Earth's wide sky. It should then have appeared smaller as it approached our distant sky horizon. Correct? Trees and buildings etc. certainly do appear much smaller as they should, when viewed way out at our distant horizon.

So why wasn't Sol's unexplained fixed width in our sky well noticed and properly considered in the ancient past by any believers in the flat Earth surface ancient doctrine, and questioned back then by anyone puzzled how it could have been that Sol's visible sky size could have somehow happened all day to appear never varied? Sol's fixed visible sky size should thus require Sol to be very far away, as if in an apparent orbit, (and thus with Sol there really of very huge size). Correct? (In fact, Sol and also Luna appear almost as if instead seemingly bigger when approaching out near the horizon, of course in comparison with trees etc. which do look much smaller that far away out there.)

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