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Secret genetic changes in the future

Studies of our genetics showed more flaws than just some useless inherited ancient virus gene fragments in our chromosomes, plus some ancient now useless inactive genes still getting inherited at most only slowly degraded. E.g., why should we be vulnerable to many diseases, some painful or even deadly? Isn't this rather contrary to some believers proudly pretending that we must be Divinely Perfect Special Creations, Intelligently Designed by some proposed Good Supremely capable God (Allah, Jahveh)?

And then why should those who don't die early, later have to suffer aging complications, then death? That was only needed to compel us to keep often reproducing new generations, to keep us a natural successfully evolving species, able to progressively evolve in competition with other species, such as natural animal chimpanzees, (which were found to be only 1% genetically different from humans). But evolution, which involved progressive changes over millennia, was contrary to being some Special Divinely Created Superior top form of life.

Good skilled scientists in genetics R&D (research & development) had other career specialties they worked on which helped cover up any possible secret new work to possibly improve future humans . Frequently some worked on genetic improvements for food plants & animals. Conservatives weren't greatly opposed to that. That helped people live easier with more better food. And besides, we humans had long been helping food plants and animals evolve as we preferred, by selecting better natural evolved varieties to produce in farms and gardens, or for potted plants and our preferred pets.

There were several human genetic improvements which DNA R&D experts could try for gaining improvements for future humans. Since some still inherited ancient human genes are no longer ever active, why not get rid of them? Some chromosomes would become a bit smaller, (& thus our cells & us maybe even efficiently conveniently slightly smaller).

Some secret new improvements were tried to introduce genetic revisions helping protect cells from gradual accumulating cell reproduction errors contributing to cancers or to aging. One idea was to try getting telomerase safely protectively active in noncancerous replicating somatic (body) cells, to do as in germ cells & stem cells and usefully duplicate a good number of protective telomere ends on chromosomes. (Actually some special cells like nerves and our adult neurons may stay living very long freed from any such problem, functioning well for decades, thus cleanly avoiding cell chromosomes reproduction errors contributing to problems.)

We should expect genetics experts to devise even greater improvements. Some cell components can be genetically revised to function better &/or more efficiently. This will interest some couples wanting to gain such improvements to benefit at least their future young. In some cases improvements would be made mildly possible within the parents before they aged too much.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask . If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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