Future evolution in genetics

Let's expect that most future still purely natural genetic humans will prefer lives with improved more disease resistant health, also with some nice advantages, including some helpfully less often or reduced aches or pains, also with some better or easier frequent pleasures. While some genetics experts study how our ways of developing and then living vary, thanks to past differing natural human genetic varieties, we shouldn't be surprised by some of them extensively investigating many of the fine details within all existing human evolved genetics, linked to how some people may have better disease resistant health, and may gain more nice living advantages, maybe at times including some nicer even daily good happy fun living pleasures.

Some genetics researchers have in fact been already advancing some of this. It's been reported that they've been becoming able to have someone's complete chromosomes DNA encoded total genome analyzed within a day, with the cost dropping under $1,000. (We humans have in our cells 23 pairs of chromosomes, 1 in each pair from each parent. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chromosomes reported what totals for human females or males to 37,462 or 36,070 genes, and to 6,044,204,190 or 5,947,032,088 nucleotides in all! Wow! Lots to analyze!)

Also reported, such genetics R&D (research & development) experts have by now been finding some gene versions related to some disease vulnerabilities or maturing disabilities. Also reported, they have been determining natural human genetic varieties which keep some folks healthier, to live longer and better.

It was reported that a 2012 Nobel Prize was awarded for R&D decades ago leading to becoming able to modify some functions in some mature cells, to usefully turn them into "stem cells" for other organ cell types, helpful then for some adults having some organ cell problems.

It's also been reported that genetics experts have been developing ways to selectively alter our new conceived embryos to give them some better gene versions replacing a few poor ones found coming from either parent.

Genetics is certainly developing and advancing quicker and more capable than I had ever thought possible this soon! So might it soon be reported that some poor unhealthy genes can also be replaced in the cells of living adults? Many less healthy adults may come to want this, hoping to gain a bit longer healthier lives. That would begin an unprecedented near future great biology revolution, advancing humans ever more and more beyond any other mammal species!

Initially such genetic changes for better genes may be simply using existing natural varieties studied from lots of people. But then as ever more keeps being studied and learned about genes, what's to prevent genetics experts from theorizing, then trying genetic modifications beyond the varieties now in natural humans? Such experts will predictably nicely and kindly want to be able to let parents gain progressively more healthy happy long living children.

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