Genetically designed food plants

As genetics experts keep improving what they could do, it will often be considered best for fruits to be of a maximum size, sometimes long with a thin protective layer which we can easily peal off. This could protect them from insect damage. Bigger animal pests could be kept fenced out from farms and gardens, or always robotically repelled away. Seeds could be limited to one end of such big long fruits. Or some seeds could be amply formed better than old edible ones such as ancient peanuts.

It was good to genetically design food plants to survive freezing winters. Then no need to start fresh ones from seeds each spring. Then few seeds needed to be produced in their fruits. Thus when eating their good fruits, folks had less seeds to discard. And early annual fresh fruits then developed much earlier in spring, and continued producing good food all through the summer

It was most useful to have such fruits mature edible raw without cooking. Since they were genetically devised to have several best flavors people liked, they offered enough variety to become the best daily food for most people. These cost less than old farmed animals. Thanks to now having ample vitamins and good nutrients, there was no real need for old traditional meat. More and more people around the world thus ended up becoming primarily vegetarians.

When a bit thirsty, some genetically developed good food plants would have produced fruits filled with lots of liquid, (something like old watermelons). When thirsty, you could spoon out enough to enjoy their designed excellent flavors, while benefiting from their included extra special nutrients and vitamins. Or you could squeeze out the liquid to drink, then put the rest of such a fruit in a fridge to later satisfy future thirst. Some such produced special liquids had extra useful nutrients even like in old cow milk.

And there's more we can expect genetics experts to form for a few better more useful special plants. Lots of clothes had long been made using cotton fibers. The fibers could now be nicely improved some, and also formed easier to get usefully unraveled. It even became possible to have some gradually wind lengthening fibers around simple effective collective spools! Some plants were genetically changed to usefully produce what good white paper could be quite easily formed from. Some were made to produce what useful oils could be easily refined from.

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