Genetic evolution in children

In this century, ever more advanced DNA R&D (research & development) by good experts may well develop the ability to replace, into a parent's sources for fresh generated sperms or ova, many selected currently evolved best natural genetic variety differences found already existing within humans. Some parents will certainly want this, for gaining superior infants, male or female, likely to then mature benefiting from natural human genetics produced nicer healthier more disease resistant and more enjoyable good living.

Few should oppose such future parents becoming able to select, (simply from existing natural human genetic varieties), some such options good for better health and likely good for more enjoyable future adult lives for their new young. This isn't altering our genetics. It's merely selecting from normal past purely natural human evolved varieties.

And then as more keeps being learned about human genetic varieties, let's expect that some genetics experts will become able to select ever better from our evolved health and developmental varieties, finding more of the best, good for achieving even healthier ever better developed new young, such as to mature gaining more enjoyable daily pleasureful adult benefits. Wouldn't you like it if some of this became available for you to nicely benefit some good future new young?

Why restrict your children to merely old crude random mixes of only parents' genetics? You too might likely prefer becoming able to choose having much healthier happier better descendants. But then for their children, they could simply return to the natural simple form of random mixes of genes from parents, since they would have about the best natural human genes previously selected for having been started to develop into among the best purely human infants.

Some extra beneficial still totally human choices, which we should expect some future parents to also like having available for their new young, will very likely include more than just improved disease resistance and superior health being selected from past natural humans. Who should be much surprised by this? Ways may well be found also giving good above average pleasures enjoyed from a nice sensually playful fond loving mate.

This should contribute to each gaining a future better happy long lasting marriage. Such easy deep pleasures are already usefully our strongest, having been most evolutionarily important for having kept us humans reproducing as a successfully thriving good evolving species.

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