Ram Mantra for Money Problems

These are a couple of Shri Ram mantras from the Ram Charitmanas which will remove poverty, money problems and debts. These Doha’s are simple mantras in simple script; yet the key is in the way you practices such mantras. There are numerous methods; I will tell you about a really effective Sadhana to make these popular mantras more potent.

You have two first install the Doha in your home by writing it down on a clean blank white piece of paper. Then you have to frame or laminate this piece of paper. Then this frame or laminated paper has to be put in suitable place where you will easily be able to read it.

On the first day you have to worship the Doha with offerings of Flowers, Agarbatti, Gandham, Diya and Bhog [sweets]. This done you have to chant the mantra 108 times. Then every day you have to only light an Agarbatti and chant the mantra 11 times; dedicating it to Shri Ram.

Ram Mantra for Money Problems and financial hardships
Rama Mantra for Money Problems

This Shri Ram Sadhana is said remove poverty, debts all kinds of monetary problems and financial difficulties and worries. Any one of the two mantras can be used; both have the same effect. Wishing all those with money problems all the very best to tide over your difficulties. Only the Hindi Version has to be written on the piece of paper.

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