Helpful Mantras for Children

Studies and some kind of fear or the other are the two most pressing and practical problem faced by most children; especially those kids below the age of 10. Parents unknowingly make problems worse by making kids mechanically chant lengthy mantras; which the child does not enjoy one bit and practices as if it is just another daily burden.

Saraswati is the Goddess of Learning and Narasimha is the one who remove fear. The two single letter Beej Mantra given here will serve the purpose and prove helpful; that is if you are looking for mantras to help your child overcome its problems. Kindly remember these are most powerful Beej Mantras.

Hindu Helpful Mantras for Children
Helpful Mantra for Children

Either one or both of the Beej Mantras can be chanted, depending upon the problem faced by the child. The child can be made to do 11 repetitions of the mantra everyday to begin with. If you see the child enjoying it or not getting bored and tired you can slowly increase the number of chants to 108 per day.

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