What happens just before death

The question has been asked many times before; what really happens at the time of death?

Authenticated experiences of Indian Spiritualists say that during the final moments, the events of the just concluded past life are reflected like a mirror in the mind. All the dormant and forgotten thought energies stored in the brain are activated and start manifesting themselves. Thus what ever the brain experienced in the life time is restored during the last moments just before death.

No person dies insane or as a lunatic; not even those who are in a state of coma; the full memory of the brain is restored during the final moments before death. Only that impression which is the most powerful manages to survive and the rest of the memory is eradicated. To the observer the person may appear dead, yet till the last heart beat the brain is thinking at its clearest.

The brain; the most miraculous device in nature is fully active in its final stages. Thus the wisest thing to do while near the bed of someone on death bed it to keep quite because you are in the presence of death. Excessive emotions or dramatics will only disturb the dying person; so it’s best to let the dying pass away peacefully.

The process of dying is almost similar of the process of falling asleep. The same way you think and review the day gone by, during the last stages those on the verge of death review the past life just gone by.

The Silver Cord is what has been described as the connecting link between the material body and the Ever-Existent. When someone dies this Silver Cord is permanently broken and only the higher self which contains a part of the Ever-Existent survives and the lower self; the body and emotions are destroyed as the higher self which brings them to life, leaves them permanently.

Birth and death are not ends in themselves, they are a part of an almost unending series of cycles the soul has to go through, till it reaches its final destination; merger with the Ever- Existent. Death has often been compared with packing and going on a holiday, only to return back to your home. The permanent home is not the body but the part of the Ever-Existent present in every being.

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