Mantra to control Lions

This is a mantra to bring lions under your spell and to control them. This mantra like the previous one on controlling snakes; immobilizes and hypnotizes them and makes them docile and harmless towards you. Again needless for me to say do not try this experiment as it is given here only as an interesting bit of information.

This mantra has to be chanted 10,000 times in a lonely and secluded place; this gives mastery over the mantra. Then to use it to control a lion, take a piece of iron and holding it in your hand chant this mantra 108 times to infuse it with the power of the mantra. Then throw that piece of iron in front of the lion.

This mantra is known in Hindi as the Simha Stambhan Mantra or the Mantra to immobilize a Lion.

Hindu Voodoo Mantra to control Lions
Mantra to control Lions

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  1. Dear Sir,
    I have read that there are mantras to understand the language of cats.could you pls guide us in this?

  2. Can this mantra be used to control tiger,leopards,needs and other dangerous animals?or only lions?

  3. Can it be used to control wild animals in general?


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