The questions which has been asked the most often, by almost everyone sometimes or the other in their lives are-
1. What is the nature of God?
2. How can one know him/her?
3. Why don’t I see him/her?
4. Why does he not hear my prayers?
5. Where does he stay?
6. How to appease him/her?

These are just a sample of the questions asked, about God, if I were to try to find and list all the questions here, then I would be probably writing a book.

Now let’s take it one by one, God or by whatever name you wish to call him/her by is infinite, that is the true nature of God infinity, so how can one know the infinite, if one were to know it then it would not remain the infinite, but be the finite. Even if some persons in the history of mankind knew something that others did not then what they knew became the known for them, there still remained what was the unknown. What I mean to say is that no matter how much you know there will still remain what is the unknown. The true nature of infinity can never be known by anyone.

The infinite is everywhere and will remain the infinite, then how can one see or hear the infinite, is it possible?. What we must remember is that the infinite is everywhere, we are also like everything else in the universe a part of the infinite. This is a question which has no answers, what one must remember is that WE LIVE INSIDE THE THING THE THING LIVES INSIDE US, we will never know the thing.

The infinite is everywhere, so if it were to reside in some particular place would it not be the finite. So how can one find him in a particular place like some shrine/church or a temple? Why one feels at peace in such places is because the atmosphere is vibrant with vibrations of a high quality, as those who visit such places more often than not do so with good intentions.

How can the infinite answer the prayers of a particular person, if it were to do so would it not be the finite?
“Is the sun a symbol? I thought it was an object that lit up the world”
“I wasn't in Buffalo when it snowed but it snowed anyway”
The above Aphorisms by: Nothing-profound Out Of Context: pieces of a life most aptly answer the questions why your individual prayers are not answered.

The prayers which are answered are those in such you have probably put in a certain amount of effort, and set off a chain reaction in the atmosphere, and these prayers are answered by you yourself. As I have already said before in my earlier posts that everything in the universe is connected to each other, but the universe or the infinite is not partial to any particular being or thing. The infinite will always remain there, even if the earth, solar systems and galaxies cease to exist.

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  1. Prophet-great post. I love how sensible and lucid all your explanations are. I'm honored that you used my aphorisms. Thank you!

  2. There is really nice explanation about God's Nature. "We live inside the thing, the things lives inside us" very well said.

  3. Respected Guruji,
    Please post some more useful thoughts or points about the infinite or universal forces also known as god. I have read this too many times then too whenever I am lonely I feel like keep on reading what all has been updated by you. Everything mentioned here makes me go through this again and again. You are true teacher.
    Thanks Guruji, for all your blessings. I want to fall on your legs and get blessings of you once in my lifetime. Whatever I am today. Whatever bread I eat, all I have got after going through this site. May God bless you Guruji


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