Nostradamus Prophecy of Alien Invasion of Earth

This Nostradamus prediction is one that is likely to be the one, which is descriptive of an alien invasion of earth. This alien invasion, as per the prophecies of Nostradamus, takes place in the month of March and the troubles and destruction continue in the months of April, May and June. This alien invasion of earth is commenced from the Burgundy region of France and will cause a huge amount of death and destruction.

Nostradamus Century 1 – 80
“From the sixth bright celestial light [Planet] come thunders and storms in Burgundy. Then a monster is born to a most hideous beast. In March, April, May and March great wounding and trouble”

This Nostradamus prophecy is generally believed to refer to Saturn, the sixth planet. However, it can also refer to a star of the sixth light or magnitude. Such stars are those stars, which can be seen from the earth without using a telescope. Out of the infinite Universe, with an infinite number of stars, only a few thousand, with the naked eye from earth. The invading aliens, according to Nostradamus, will come from such a planet.

Imagine Nostradamus visualizing the prophecies as they unfolded before his eyes, in the year 1555 until his death in the year 1566. A huge Mother Space Ship would look like a hideous beast, or a landing space ship or an alien being, coming out from the Mother Ship, would appear like a monster.

We do not know what aliens or their space ships really look like, they could, most likely be of a very hideous and frightening appearance, we do not know how large an alien being, is likely to be, for all we know, it could be even taller than the tallest mountain on earth. Whatever forms, have been attributed to aliens or their space ships are nothing but a part of the human imagination and far away from the truth.

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