Future Human Pleasures in Outer Space

Yes, it could be asked: shouldn't pleasures filled easy living become a proper earned deserved benefit from our ever better advancing technology? Is it somehow wrong to mostly enjoy ever more improved happy relaxed living? (We aren't much opposed to our children enjoying lots of happy play times.) So yes, it seemed a good time to seriously rethink what advanced living should be all about. At least that's what many high orbiting settlers were increasingly concluding.

Why try to keep yourself forever working at what have been becoming no longer really needed human tasks? Our recent good technological civilization advances have kept making living easier for most all, including down on Earth.

But when you gain ever more extra free time, such as from the robotically well served and greatly assisted very easy living up in the high orbiting settlements, then you acquire so much usable free time that you can easily enjoy time spent both for inventive creativity, and also for more easier past or often improved human pleasures. Devising good practical inventions useful for others, including for folks down on Earth, could be quite interesting and enjoyable.

Several settlers enjoyed (& lightly profited from) helping devise inventions useful for better easier human living down on Earth, including even minor things like better grass efficiently more durable varieties, helpful for better yards around Earth surface homes. Why not? Helping others has long been our old evolved strong social animal helpful nature, good for spreading better helpfulness and ever better happier living among us all.

Meanwhile, moderns had also been agreeing that it should be good to give themselves good easy ways to at times increase or reduce the old brain dopamine achieved hungers for some special activities, hungers to entice things their overseeing conscious controling mental selves approved of. And then from some activities, enjoyed at times with good companions, their genetic brain improvements let them increase wanted enjoyments over the old limits, to gain extra rewarding pleasures. Living was getting so good up in orbit that it was easy to have lots of fun playing in much of their freed time. (Moderns had concluded there was no contrasting need for ever trying any old human drug induced extra pleasures.)

In fact, natural brain-confined natural dopamine varieties, giving us special hungers for some useful things, such as for good food, or to engage in sex (most critically essential for keeping our species surviving and then advancing against competing evolving species), could at times raise excessive hungers. At times this had even induced raping someone else! Also excessive dopamine-induced hungers led some current well fed humans to eat too much, beoming too unhealthy fat. So being given the ability to not infrequently limit such old natural hungers would helpfully be good.

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