Robots Assisted life in Space Settlements

Thanks to good robotic assistance in the high orbiting settlements, settlers having lots of free time to give to whatever they liked, continued giving some time to help Earth folks with more new useful inventions, (while earning some proper payments). They made good progress working with some Earth designers of some products for many people, such as efficiently better cars, trucks, trains, etc., able by day to gain electric energy converted from Solar light by special devised outer surfaces now covering outside them.

Such vehicle outer surface-cover changes would nicely leave clean unpolluted air, while extremely slightly reducing global daily overheating from our hotly badly expanding Sol, which would otherwise gradually leave Earth unsurvivably hotter than Hell.

Settlers, continuing to work with some Earth inventors, also devised more and more useful inventions people liked. Several had covered the low costs of their robotically made and supplied homes by performing assigned subtasks to reprogram new things which such robots were to do, here or on robotic refining and constructions asteroids. Some devoted their minds so well to doing this, that they became increasingly skilled and then able to help with robotic programing good for Earth uses by some companies. This showed more Earth people and companies that high orbiting settlers could be good to gain help from, including from moderns.

Again word was spread that some moderns had been involved in some good inventions. Earth people liked such helpful inventions, good for Earth, so that most didn't mind hearing that. (Such inventions of course didn't in the slightest involve modifying any human genetics, as was the nature of moderns.) People of course didn't much care about personal genetic details of any inventors. It was simply the good advantages of several invented products that made many Earth people like being able to purchase and obtain some of them.

Giving time for technological inventing could become quite interesting, as had been true for several past good complex inventors on Earth. So such high orbiting settlers liked continuing to do this, inventing more useful things good for Earth folks. And also this was good for such settlers since it increased the acceptance and approval of more Earth people for the high orbiting settlements. And now the cable lift was lots cheaper for moving up than any old costly rocket lift. So more Earth folks could end up eventually deciding they'd like to seek approval to also try a move up into good such settlements, to then enjoy lots of robotically freed time daily, while gaining very low cost robotically formed and well served homes up there.

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