Future Grasslands in Space

With ever improved increasingly capable robotic serving devices freeing high orbiting settlers from ever more old human tedious frequent tasks, what to do with so much freed time was debated more. How about trying more inventions? Several could be useful down on Earth. Moderns could keep any involvement in this undisclosed if that might hinder acceptance of such inventions, (due to continued violent hatred against moderns by some religious conservatives).

E.g., settlers had earlier teamed together to gain better varieties of yard grasses for their high orbiting settlements. These specially grew thicker and tougher than past yard grasses for withstanding any gradually damaging wear from playing games and exercising etc., such as in parks. Selected and improved grass also didn't expell as much water vapor. Thus on-Earth people wouldn't need to keep watering their yards or sports parks every few days in many lands.

Many Earth people were interested in such yards' grass improvements, such as for their home yards plus parks, also for grassy land around many buildings. As numbers rose of Earth people switching to such better grasses, the high settlers toyed with the idea of letting possible rumors be spread that such improved longer lasting more durable grass had partly been improved by some moderns.

Such rumors didn't much hinder gradual acceptance by more and more Earth humans for switching to such better revised advantageous grass varieties. They reduced need for so much old accepted maybe even nightly watering in drier lands or seasons. Also, old needs to mow yards most weeks became much reduced. Such special improved grasses didn't grow much beyond finger lengths. And they would very durably live well all nonfreezing months.

Most Earth folks were little bothered if hearing any rumor of any moderns having been partly involved in establishing and improving such advantageously new good varieties. They instead liked the convenient advantages of such grass for good yards. And besides, opposition to moderns by folks on Earth was based primarily upon opposition against moderns' improved revised human genetics, (as proclaimed corruptions against the long believed Perfect Creation of Humans by God (Allah, Jahveh) to be His Most Special Soulful beings). But for merely better yard grass, who should be much bothered by which folks may have maybe been partly involved in merely making it available nicely improved?

So such improved products from settlers, including from moderns, in fact helped gain for them more acceptance by Earth folks for the high orbiting settlements.

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