Enjoyable Fullball Vacation World in Future - 5

Let's be quite truthful about Earth human behavior. Most all Earth humans regularly enjoyed giving frequent times for several things offering enjoyable happy living pleasures. Most would spend hours daily often with family members, watching fresh video entertainments, including fun series episodes, enjoyable movies, and sports. And many would even yearly give at least a few weeks for family vacation trips to interesting places contributing good variety to their lives, while often nice for the happier fun lives of their children.

Thus it was rather unrealistic for some more religious critics on Earth to proclaim or pretend that there must be something a bit wrong or immoral when many high orbiting settlers would often be regularly using lots of free time for good enjoyable entertainments. People on Earth in fact often devoted time to much nice enjoyable fun. This had long been simply our human nature. (In fact, a variety of other animals also enjoyed playful times shared in good fun with others of their species.) Playful activities were often happily shared among people enjoying having some fun with other nice folks. Lets let daily living be enjoyed. This has contributed a natural part of our good useful strong social animal natures, far back throughout prehistory.

Enjoying games had also been something many folks had enjoyed to gain happier living. Some complex challenging games, frequently partly mathematical, in fact sometimes contributed to better thinking adult brainy skills, and also even a bit to a few useful intellectual or scientific technology advancements.

Human civilization had advanced into ever more advanced tool using ways to farm and distribute food, then to manufacture and market new good products. This kept making living easier while costing less time for old traditional more tedious laboring. Settlers up in the high orbiting settlements were thus merely advancing this further, gaining ever easier lives with increasing time freed from tedious tasks.

And then for such settlers, advanced robotic serving devices kept advancing their living beyond what historic living on Earth had been like, to nicely offer gradually advancing ever easier living. What's wrong with that? It would in fact most likely have gradually become an ever advancing continuing nice future trend down on Earth for ever more contented happy people. Why not nicely enjoy easier more relaxed living ever more and more, day after day, year after year?

Gradually, especially after a vacation Fullball world had been made good for many Earth folks to enjoy sampling such easy living, more and more of them came to accept the happy robotically well served easy living much enjoyed by the growing numbers of high orbiting settlers. Conservative critics against such often playful fun living off Earth were winning few arguments against that.

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