Fullball Vacation Worlds of Future - 3

Vacationing up in the geostationary height Fullball vacation world, thanks to the low cost geostationary cable lift, became much nice fun, much better than just watching some past brief views sent down showing folks enjoying living up in the bigger 3D Fullball balloon world orbiting high around Earth. This offered interested people a way to sample such living a while, before maybe deciding to seek approval to move up to the higher bigger Fullball world. Such a vacation was nicely much more affordable than if having to be lifted by a (costly) Earth made rocket.

Many enjoyed playfully bouncing around weightless with others in weightless net play cages between some homes cylinders. Many loved repeated fractional weight sex many days. There were spinless places they could also enjoy weightless easy sex. Big enough very elastic waist bands could be fastened into couple-joining loops. Then simply repeatedly pushing apart some let them quickly enjoy getting easily lightly pulled back in close for much enjoyed sex.

The various ways to enjoy such easy new living unsurprisingly further tempted many to want to later apply to gain approval to make a now quite affordable future move up into the high orbiting good growing Fullball world, nicely benefitting also from advanced very good daily serving robotic devices.

The very happy enjoyment of most with such unique fun vacations also tended to undercut any lingering opposition by some conservatives against such settlements in space. Month after month more ordinary folks liked trying this, much beyond ordinary Earth shorter vacations. Some acquired jobs up here, serving the vacationing people. They liked this, better than old Earth jobs. Few minded merely good improved vegetarian food varieties farmed up here. (If they craved some meat, they could buy some, available lifted up the cable.)

So once again the investors taking care of the two space settlements, formed earlier orbiting higher above Earth, won good approval from many Earth common folks for things they had been doing. And this unsurprisingly attracted more folks to seek approval to be permitted to move up to the first Fullball world. And now moving up was cheaper, much more affordable than requiring the past needed expensive big rocket rides.

Once back home down on Earth, many enjoyed describing, to friends and families, some of their unique low to zero weights easy living vacation fun, plus air swimming. This tempted friends to want to also enjoy trying such a unique wonderful vacation for a while.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com. If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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