Meaning of Moles on Breasts of Women

In this post, I have given the meanings of Moles located on the Breasts, Chest Area and the Heart of women. These interpretations are according to the ancient Indian Tantra Shastra, which deals with the meanings, interpretations and symbolism of Moles, Birthmarks, the shape and size and other marks and indicators on the body parts of a person.

The woman, who has a Mole on the right Breast, has the capacity to give birth to four girls and three boys.

If a triangle or square shaped Mole is present on the left Breast, then such a woman gives birth to an intelligent and scholarly male child.

A Mole on the left Breast also indicated sudden dangers, without any warning.

A Mole or any other kind of Birthmark on the Heart is considered most auspicious. Such a woman enjoys high levels of wealth, abundance and prosperity.

A Mole on the right side on the Heart indicates that such a woman has a loving, enthusiastic and truthful nature.

A mole, birthmark, skin growth or a whitish discoloration on the chest area indicates a high level of happiness and a position of authority. In the Horoscope of such a woman, the Moon and Jupiter are favorably place or any two planets are exalted.

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