Predicting Future in Women from Breasts

Stanlakshan is the art of predicting the future and traits of any woman from the unique shape, size, structure and the marks on the breasts. The Sanskrit verses pertaining to the breasts have been translated by me from this rare and unknown Indian text.

“The woman of beauty whose breasts are firm and well rounded is the one who increases the pleasure of her husband with the arrows of the God of love Kamdeva”

“The woman whose breasts do not stick to each other, which are small or medium sized, but firm and slant to the right and the top are an indication of the one who gives birth to male off springs. If the breasts are large and have a gap between them or are loose and sagging at the nipples, then this is not a good sign”

“The woman whose breasts are large near the chest and are dome shaped with a pointed tip is happy in her childhood, but the later life bring unhappiness”

“It there is a purple mole on or in the breast area, then the woman has the capacity of giving birth to four daughters and three sons”

“If there is a reddish blood colored sign or mole on the left breast, then such a woman gives birth to an intelligent male child and later on becomes a widow”


  1. hello,

    Im married for 9 years, dont have kids, but i did have a mole on my left breast. in 2008 it had it removed by my dermatologist. in case we decide to have kids , will it still have a negative effect on my husband?

  2. I need a mantra to read/control others mind sir plz suggest me.


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