Devising Robots as Brainy as Humans

Trying to devise robots to become comparably capably brainy as humans, grew into a most interesting challenge. Most useful would be giving them ways to somehow sense rewarding pleasures from activities bringing them useful successes. So, what can achieve something like our good rewarding pleasures, within a very advanced computer mind for a robot, to arise from selected activities when gaining successful results? Or what might become able to produce useful effective displeasures when getting unwanted results from any activities to be avoided in the future?

These became totally new conceived quite general purpose much broader attempted robotic goals, extending much outside of past much simpler limited purposes computer programming. These would be very complex to somehow simulate, trying to generate and effectively achieve useful highly advanced computer brain perceived rewards, as wanted.

In their spare time, some such computer experts, for very advanced robotic devices, had thus begun trying to somehow have useful simulated pleasures (and displeasures) effectively produced, to potentially let some new possible future highly advanced computer brainy robots most usefully become much more adaptable like us for new or changing situations. But they most carefully prepared these in safe ways which no such robot would ever be able to totally self modify. They agreed with others who had concluded that too great self adaptability for any robots was too risky. Also they wanted well protected their new style programed complex effectively mental pleasures-promoting social animal activities natures. These should be nicely good for cooperative joinings helping others, while protected to stay very useful natures to try getting well established in trial greatly improved much more capable (even quite friendly) robots.

The best designers for any of this, cooperated most helpfully well together, wanting to nicely unite the best trial ideas. Such new highly advanced robots could even end up developed into much enjoyed fascinating social companions mixed among us! Trying to make them sometimes function like social animal humans, (by sometimes feeling enjoyed rewarding pleasures from cooperative activities with others), would however lack some human satisfactions, such as from our good tasting foods and drinks.

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