Rooster as a lucky charm for progress in Politics

This post is inspired by the sleazy, shady and under hand things happening currently in Indian politics. Blocking the progress of others and personal ambition appears to be the most important agenda. India desperately reeling under corruption and mis governance needs some stability and good governance to progress, this is impossible if the politicians are hell bent on destroying each other. There are always good and honest politicians and for such persons the Rooster is a lucky charm for progress in Politics.

If the politician finds that something or the other is blocking his progress and he is not getting his just rewards, in spite of working hard then a strong possibility is that it is your colleagues who are the ones who are blocking your progress .

A statue, image or a painting of a Rooster is often advised by practitioners of Feng Shui to be kept in the North West Direction of the office of those engaged in politics. This is said to remove obstacles and also put an end to your colleagues blocking and putting stumbling blocks in your progress.

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