Mankind Will Survive Armageddon - Nostradamus

In the midst of all the frightening prophecies of Nostradamus, which mostly indicate death and destruction through a series of world wars and natural disasters, leading to the eventual Armageddon, there is a silver lining; mankind will survive this global destruction and a new cycle of existence will commence after the inevitable world climax.

After the seemingly endless visions of the prophecies of doom; Nostradamus asked the angel, if there was any hope left for mankind. The angel replied that “In spite of the wars, rumors of wars, pain and suffering; in the end there will be a victory of truth. Man will learn the final lesson, on how to ensure that mankind will survive and never be wiped out”

This will precede the following changes in the evolution of man “Intelligent and knowledgeable people will invent weapons of mass destruction. The birds of death will scream at night [war planes]. To capture land there will be wars under the sea [submarine warfare]. Forts on wheels will move forward [battle tanks]. There will be death through lightening [missiles].Poison will be spread through the skies to bring death through suffocation [chemical and biological weapons]. Fire through the skies will devastate cities [nuclear missiles]. People will take shelter below the earth; Entire nations will disappear from the world map. When the people are engaged in studying and inventing way and means of destruction; the arts and crafts will become weak”

All these prophecies visualized by Nostradamus  are in line with the Hindu Prophecies of the Kaliyuga. The conflict between the three Gunas of Existence; the Satva, Rajas and Tamas Gunas. The balance between these three Gunas has to be maintained at all times. In case the balance tilts alarmingly in favor of one of the Gunas; the other two intervene to rectify the in balance.

The way of life for the survivors of Armageddon will be very different from that of today. The beginning of  a new cycle of time in the history of the world. This again coincides with the Hindu time cycle describing the transition from Kali Yuga to Satya Yuga; the transition from darkness to light.

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