The reward system of the brain - 2

In their free time, some computer experts had begun giving much thought to devising some possible much greater mentally adaptable varieties, useful for some theoretical much more advanced computers, to possibly become usable for some future very much advanced mentally superior much more capable robotic devices. They discussed this with some brain functions experts who were especially expert in analyzing in great detail the ways we people become extra motivated to do some things we feel good about for us and others, while avoiding some things we feel are likely no good for us or others.

An important major brain biochemical form in us, which significantly raises good useful desires which may induce activities which raise some pleasures, is brain produced dopamine. It functions as a neurotransmitter chemical, released by some brain cells to send signals to other brain cells. The human brain uses five known types of dopamine receptors. Dopamine plays a major role in our brains, most helpfully responsible for reward-driven learning.

Every studied type of mental reward increases the level of dopamine transmission within the brain. Dopamine thus provides an effective teaching signal to parts of the brain responsible for achieving useful future behaviors, including enjoying good food required for daily living, also good for promoting sex most helpfully keeping us a good surviving competitive evolving primate species, and also for social animal activities good for advancing and improving how we may live well in good harmony with others. So, could some new things be somehow made to function similar in new advanced computer minds for robots?

This seemed very difficult to try somehow simulating. Robot brains didn't produce or use any such biochemicals. And most computerized effective brains only performed some limited special activities, simply doing some programmed tasks limited just to how and what our robotics experts had previously programmed and installed into them. Or to later switch to new wanted tasks, such experts would program good ways to perform all new tasks, then test and maybe revise and refine these, then finally have such new tasks fully installed, for and within whatever new settings we chose, while some of us would monitor their success. Thus our experts were effectively the actual true top controlling brain levels, regulating computerized robotic mental activities.

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