Yantra to Win Hearts

This is a Tantra to win the hearts of every one; be it men, women or children. This attraction charm is known in the Hindi language as the Manmohan Yantra. This charm has been described as the one which make the person you have won over, your slave for life. Though I do not with certainty vouch for this description, I am still putting forth this information.

This Yantra has to be prepared on a Bhojpatra with either Sandalwood, Keasr, Rakta Chandana or Ashtagandha paste [any one of these four] and then worshipped as usual with scented flowers, perfumed incense and Dhoop to energize it. Then it has to be inserted in either a gold or silver locket and tied as an attraction charm around the neck or on the forearm.

The Manmohan Yantra is a Charm to win over everyone
Yantra to Win Hearts

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  1. We should tie it the other person or in our hand?????

  2. in centre i have to write my name? and can i use copper locket instead of gold or silver?

  3. s u hve to write ur name
    No copper or bronze just either gold or silver

  4. Good day.

    How is the effect of the yantra if inscribed onto a copper plate ? Is it much stronger ?

  5. Pranam Guruji...
    I just wanted to ask that whose name has to be written in the center - mine or the person, I want to bring under my control?
    And what, if the ingredients used to prepare yantra is not pure? Because it is very difficult to find pure ingredients now a days and we can't check whether the ingredients bought from the shop is pure or impure.
    So, kindly guide me as I'm in a great need of it.
    Waiting for your reply eagerly.

    1. The name of the person you want to attract should be written in the middle.However as regards your second query it is advisable to purchase the ingredients from a reputed store; known for its integrity.

  6. namaste guru ji,
    guru ji is there any mantra for energizing it ..and as you provided the picture of yantra ,,sama like that we have to prepare yantra with the sandalwood...and with what we have to write the name.. ...and can we do this in a temple if yes then which temple.??? please kindly clear my doubt ....

    1. There is no need to energize it using a Mantra; the drawing is a guideline on how it is to be drawn; actual drawing using the ingredients mentioned in the post may differ.
      If you wish you can draw it in a temple; any temple you wish.

  7. Has anyone got any result after having used it?

  8. what if the person to whom i wish to attract lives in another city (500km away from my city), whether it works?

  9. Pranam guruji
    I jst wanted 2 ask one more thing..as u mentioned that this mantra has to be written on bhojpatra & den has to be kept in taabiz...bt what if bhojpatra is tore or damaged while keeping in the taabiz as bhojpatra is most likely to be tore, if molded...will it work in that condition also...kindly reply me as soon as possible as i'm in a great need of it..I'll b highly grateful to you..

  10. Pranam Guruji,
    I wish to make this yantra for one of my family memeber. Should I keep seeing or meeting this person daily or distance will not matter. Please guide. Thanks

    1. Distance does not matter, it is all right if you meet the person once in a while.

  11. That is not needed, you can draw the Yantra as mentioned in the post. There is no need to color the Yantra.

  12. I am in Sierra Leone I don't this ingredients what can I use sir


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