Advanced Computerised Robots for Pleasure

The new most highly advanced computerized robots were designed able to gain some enjoyable humor from maybe some cartoons or other past human forms of prepared humor. It seemed good to provide for them extra enjoyments from their highly advanced mental states, such as by having been brought into existence to have usefully human-like active socially-motivating natures promoting pleasures.

While the top computer experts for super advanced complex robotic devices had been designing possible mentally somewhat human like robots, they had unsurprisingly decided to have them shaped to end up something like humans. Simple air chambers would be formed in an upper chest to allow sucking and blowing. Also these would draw air past odor sensors to let them gain a sense of good scents, such as we may enjoy, or they could detect possibly risky chemical odors from things to maybe be cleaned or avoided.

Maybe provide for such highly advanced new special robots several possible sexual pleasures? Some designers found it amusingly tempting to try scheming ways to give them some special extra well responding outer surface places, to function somewhat like some of our good sexy sensors filled skin in special places. Then if having sensed touches mentally turned into good enjoyable pleasures, they could much enjoy what could bring them extra special fun, often shared playing with others.

Effective hands, tongues, and simulated sexual places could be given special surfaces which could when wanted present a very slippery outer chemical form to which nothing would stick when touched, great for sexual sliding stimulations given to others. This was planned for more than cutely being extra creative inventors. Here would be another easy good activity possibility which could at times usefully bring more good social activities pleasure rewards into the daily "living" of such future highly advanced complex super robots.

Or at times such special surfaces could be made to instead present a sticky outer molecular form helpful for accomplishing some wanted hand tasks. The advanced somewhat human like robotic design of course had no need for any digestive system. Instead, throughout their bodies, including near their effective muscles, they were designed with local avg. temperature (sonic speed random molecular motions) heat to electricity converters. Such effective muscles uses would then produce waste heat, which could soon get exploited for fresh muscle uses. They were designed to have their belly also usefully contain extra memory capacity, plus some protectively duplicated most important social activities enjoyments programming

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