Devotional Ram Raksha Mantras

These are devotional mantras for the dedicated and sincere Ram Bhakts, the lifelong devotees of Shri Ram.  These are super powerful Ram Raksha Mantra, which protect the devotee from Klesh and Peeda of every kind, including dangers, diseases, financial burdens and enemies. In this post, I will explain how the Mantra Sadhana is done.

First Ram Raksha Mantra
There are two ways of practicing this Mantra Sadhana, a onetime Sadhana and the other is a 121 days Sadhana to gain Siddhi over the Ram Raksha Mantra.

One time Mantra Sadhana
The Sadhana has to be done in the morning after bathing and wearing clean clothes. The Sadhak has to sit in one place and chant the Mantra continuously 15,000 times.  Then to use it he has to take some Vibhuti [sacred ash of the Dhoop or Agarbatti from his place of worship] in his hand and chant the Mantra once to bind and infuse the Vibhuti. Then he has to blow the Vibhuti in all four directions with his breath. This is said to remove all Klesh and Peeda.

Sadhana to gain Siddhi
To gain Siddhi over this Mantra the entire Sadhana [except the blowing of the Vibhuti part] has to be repeated for 121 day continuously, without a break. When the Sadhak gains Siddhi, just a single chant of the Mantra removes all and every kind of danger from his path.

Devotional Hindu Ram Mantras for Protection
Devotional Ram Raksha Mantras
Second Ram Raksha Mantra
The second Mantra is also an extremely powerful mantra to remove all and every kind of problems and dangers. There is no Siddhi Procedure involves for this Mantra, the devotees has to chant it 108 times every day in the morning or evenings.

For both the Mantras any kind of Japa Mala will do, if a woman is practicing the Sadhana to gain Siddhi over the first Mantra, then she must take a break during the Monthly Cycle.

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  1. How many times should we chant each day for 121 days?

    1. The First Mantra should be chanted 15,000 times daily for 121 days to gain Siddhi over the Mantra.

  2. Neel ji as It is Ram ji Mantra, is 2nd Mantra is helpfull in Decreasing Shani Sade Sati Negative Effect? Please reply me Sir.

    1. It will remove all Klesh and that included Sade Sati and other Klesh and Peeda.

    2. Neel ji, thank you very much for replying.


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