Home Remedies with Clarified Butter [ Cow Ghee ]

The clarified butter of a Cow is extensively used in numerous Hindu rites and ritual in India, including Havans. Cow Ghee has always been a much-used ingredient in traditional, Ayuvedic and Unani Medicine in India, since ancient times. Readers will surely have noticed its use in a large number of Mantra, Yantra Sadhanas and Prayogs, published in the site.  In this post, I will explain how some simple home remedies are practiced in Indian with Cow Ghee.

Consuming a little bit of liquid lukewarm Cow Ghee is said to stop and give relief from hiccups.

To stop nasal bleeding a couple of drops of Cow Ghee are inserted inside the nostrils.

4 to 5 drops are inserted inside the nostrils in the mornings and evenings to give relief to those suffering from migraine. This remedy has to be practiced for seven days in a row.

A couple of drops of fresh Cow Ghee mixed with Cow Milk are inserted in the eyes to remove red eyes veins and give relief from headaches.

To get sound sleep a little bit of the Ghee is rubbed lightly on the palms and the soles. This remedy also removes excessive heat from the body.

A little bit of Ghee applied on the scalp and behind the ears is said to give relief from stomach pain resulting from acidity.

2 teaspoon of Cow Ghee mixed with lukewarm milk consumed at bedtime acts as safe laxative and cleans the impurities present in the stomach.

25 grams Cow Ghee are mixed with 25 grams Sugar and consumed as an remedy to reduce the level of intoxication of person who has consumed lots of alcohol.

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