Remedies for Cracks in Heels

Cracks in the heels are a commonplace occurrence in the middle aged and the elderly. Some young people also suffer from this condition; though not serious or life threatening; it can cause discomfort, pain and sometimes even bleeding.

These are 4 Indian remedies which are used to treat heel fissures and remove the cracks. The remedies which make use of harmless ingredients can be tried by those having severe heel fissures. Any of the 4 remedies can be practised.

1] Heat Aloe Vera and remove the juice and mix it with the juice of Corn and Tulsi Leaves [all the juices should be around 1 teaspoon each]. Then mix it in 1 teaspoon of Ghee [Pure Clarified Butter] to prepare a paste. Apply this paste to the heals and the other areas which are affected by Cracks.

2] Juice of the seeds of Cashew Nuts if applied on the cracks is also said to give good results in removing them.

3] Shredded Raw Papaya if bandaged over the cracks; gives good results.

4] Mehendi and the leave of the Sour Lime Tree in equal quantities are mixed together to prepare a paste. Then it is mixed in water [about 4 times the quantity of the paste] and Clarified Butter [about 2 times the quantity of the paste]. Then is heated till it reaches boiling point and then removed from the fire. This mixture is used to lightly rub the fissures in the heels.

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