Homeopathic Remedies to stop Vomiting

The punishment given by the body for the excesses or omissions in consuming improper food manifests in the form of vomiting. Many a times vomiting causes great discomfort and becomes uncontrollable and involuntary; depending upon the nature of the stomach infection. In this post are given some useful homeopathic remedies to control and stop vomiting.

A couple of unique Indian remedies for controlling vomiting and make it subside, given earlier on this site were traditional Indian home remedies; using common ingredient found in most homes . The reader can also have a look at them here as they are also most useful;

Remedy for Vomiting 1
Remedy for Vomiting 2

Ipecac 30C and Nux Vomica 30C are both most effective homeopathic medicines in controlling and stopping vomiting. 4 tablets each of both these medicines should be chewed every hour.

If suffering from vomiting in the extreme hot summer season; Iris V 30C and Bryonia 30C are considered as effective remedies.

For small children Natrum phos 30 C and Thuja 30 C are considered to be especially effective.

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