Vishnu Happiness Mantra

Most Hindus have their own preferred and individual deity and feel most comfortable and at ease while praying and meditating upon that deity. For the worshippers of Vishnu, this is a small and effective Mantra for happiness. The mantra gives divine bliss and happiness to the sincere devotee. It is also one of the names of Vishnu.

The meaning of this Mantra is “I am one with the DIVINE HAPPINESS; Vishnu” This is a meditation mantra to meditate in the mind and get lost in. The mantra is said to show startling effects upon the completion of 800,000 chants.

The chants should not be counted and one should go on meditating the Mantra; it is a long term meditation for Vishnu devotees. The practitioner should not harbor any selfish and material wants in his mind while practicing this mantra.

A Meditation Mantra for the devotees of Vishnu
Vishnu Happiness Mantra

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  1. If i make my ishtdev to vishnu or krishna, then which mantra i will be chant for them? Pls give suggetion.

    1. This same Mantra can be chanted for Vishnu, Krishna or any other Ishtadevta.
      You can focus your mind on your Ishtadevta and then chant the Mantra.

  2. And which mantra for shivji as isht dev? Can i use this mantra for shivji too?

    1. Read this blog to learn what is Isht Deva and how can one find his or her Isht Dev using Jaimini astrology.


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