Try This Remedy to increase Breast Size

The majority of men and women think the size of Breasts in women does matter. Can the size of the breasts be increased naturally, without any kind of surgery; like inserting artificial breast implants? Some alternative therapies say yes; massaging, herbal remedies and certain food to help increase the size of breasts.

One thing I should mention about these alternative therapies; notably breast massage; it gives you a physiological feeling and sensation that the size has increased; something akin to a placebo effect; when in fact it has only firmed up the breasts.

I was flooded with mail after I wrote on this home remedy - Increasing Breast Size, a couple of years back asking me to write more on this subject.

I tried to find some remedies which appear to be harmless and do not appear to have any side effects. This is one such home remedy I have come up with; similar to the one given in the post I have mentioned above. You can try this remedy at home to see if it works for you; the cost and effort involved at negligible.

Now the remedy – Take some Barley and cook it in Mustard Oil; drain the Oil and store it in a bottle. Lightly massage this Oil to the breasts in the morning and at bed time. That’s all!

Note – For most of the simple remedies given on this site; ensure that you do not use adulterated ingredients; especially if you live in India.

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