Remedies for Victory in Debates and Sports

The Kak Tantra; an Indian Tantra which makes the use of the Crow in somewhat popular in the Aghori practices of Black magic in India. Such experiments are routinely practiced by the practitioners of Black Arts.

I will tell you about two such Prayogs conducted, using the Crow. The purpose of this article is purely for imparting knowledge and not to hurt the harmless Crow.

For victory in sports like wrestling and other contact sports – The Fat of a Crow is rubbed on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet, to leave a thin layer over them.

For victory in debates, arguments and competitions requiring brain effort – A Tilak of the Fat of a Crow in put on the forehead.
Catch a live Crow and insert a little bit of its Beak in a fruit and then eat that fruit. Then let the Crow free.

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