New Life Forms in Future

Being set apart advanced beyond just natural evolved humans was an important feature of "moderns". They weren't mere natural genetic evolved humans. But living mixed among natural genetic humans wasn't harmful. Moderns' mental inventions were in fact at times helpful to ordinary humans, as well as for gaining better performing robotic equipment on the source asteroids for things good especially for people in the high orbiting settlements, while being produced obtainable far cheaper than if being refined, produced, and expensively rocketed up from Earth.

Another advanced possibility beyond ancient evolved Earth life could be to even intelligently create new life forms designed to function better for some wanted tasks than if from cellular humans. Robotics experts had already shown they could make their robots work well as our obedient helpers, improving human living in the high orbiting settlements.

Some new special little life forms might be devised good for taking care of some of our occasional little wants and tedious tasks, such as quietly cleaning things. This interested some of the best minds in the high orbiting settlements. Somehow create completely new life? A most interesting challenge! That would be much better than maybe trying to simply exploit a few natural mice possibly sent up into orbit to maybe clean up some wastes from our prepared meals? Some creative experts should be able to selectively produce useful special new life forms, unable to spread any bad old germs, while being much better than merely taking from old random raw evolution natures.

Possible creation of other type(s) of new mentally highly creative beings, to cooperatively inventively work among us, interested some of the best experts in life forms. Possibly in the future they might even devise some noncellular version patterned on humans? They might be given compact highly advanced maybe molecular matrix effective brains efficiently needing just a fraction of all the volume and energy required for our ancient biochemically complicated cellular brains. In free time, some experts had also been having some fun playfully trying some cute fun possibilities. No need to confine themselves to just coldly rational mentally complex simulated humans.

Just for fun, in the Fullball world, some became able to revise some of what could mature up here into exceptionally big beautiful butterflies to cutely add colors on fruit bushes and small trees. These had big very colorful wings, fine for nice slow attractive flying at fractional weights in homes cylinders. They benefitted from some pretty very nicely sweet scented improved big colorful plant flowers which several settlers liked for beautifying the shared inner yards sections between the homes all around inside between homes cylinder ends.

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