Vishnu Mantra for Wealth and Money

Vishnu Bhakts are mostly a Satvik lot; they normally do not indulge in Aghori Sadhanas. Especially for these Bhakts this small Mantra, which is in fact a meditation for money and wealth, should be useful. The meaning of this mantra is – “I salute the Vishnu; Who gives money and wealth to his devotees”. It is also one of the many names of Vishnu.

The Mantra gains potency after the Bhakt has completed 700,000 chants. The Vishnu Mantra has to be chanted like a long term meditation. Ladies performing this Sadhana should take a gap during their monthly periods. Other than this there are no other rules like Puja, Aradhana etc.

A Meditation upon Vishnu for Money and Wealth
Vishnu Mantra for Wealth and Money

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