Nostradamus Prediction of Civil War in India

Do the stars foretell a Civil War in India? The indications are there; India has divided itself in two camps the “Secular forces” and “Communal forces”; to the exclusion of everything else; including corruption, non-governance, economic depression, terrorism threats and a rising crime graph.

The political attacks and sleaze to “fix” each other is everywhere, use of the intelligence agencies, courts, so called social activists and media for “fixing” is the norm of the day. This will get more vicious as the 2014 General Election draws closer; there is a lot at stake for those in the midst of it. If they don’t get elected, the other side will “fix” them.

In such an atmosphere of change, depression, gloom and impending doom, I have found a prophecy of Nostradamus; let’s have a look at this prophecy gibel below -

“Through the “SHAVEN HEADS “HE” will be seen to have been “ELECTED” wrongly burdened with a load “HE” cannot carry. “HE” will be made to announce that all of a “RACE” be slaughtered into pieces in fire and blood”

The key words in this uudecoded prophecy of Nostradamus are Shaven Heads, Elected and He. If this prophecy is for India, then, who is the He? There are two He’s dominant in Indian politics today, Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi. Who are the SHAVEN HEADS? Sadhus? Brahmins? Who will be wrongly elected because of them? Which is the RACE to be destroyed?

Difficult yet seemingly easy answers. Only Nostradamus would have known the real answer. The prophecy Speaks of bloodshed and Civil War. India is at the cross roads in its history as an independent nation; one thing becomes clear; it’s make or break time for India and Indians. If this is the way the revolution in India predicted by Nostradamus, takes course, then it seems to be a bloody one to say the least.

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