Simple Home Remedy for Anemia

Anemia normally occurs when there is a deficiency of hemoglobin and iron in the body; the causes are due to numerous varied factors and the anemic person suffers from some worrying symptoms like –

Easily fatigued, lethargic, lack of drive, weak and prone to fainting.
There might be whole body pain.
Mentally disturbed, melancholic, unnecessary fear and worry, likely to be suffering from anxiety related disorders.
Palpitations and excessive sweating, pale skin.
Breath related problems.
Lack of appetite, low levels of vigor and vitality.

Though there are numerous home remedies in practice in most places all over the world; I would like to give in this post an Indian remedy which I feel would be useful to anemia patients.

This is a harmless remedy with no side effects; yet best to consult your physician before practicing it.

This remedy requires 2 Grams Juice of each of these ingredients - Sour Lime, Pomegranate, Wheat Grass and White Radish. These 4 Juices are mixed together and consumed about 15 minutes after both the meals. Simple enough!

This remedy can be safely practiced till one feels relief from anemia and the sign and symptoms start subsiding.

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  1. Hello Sir. Went through your article"Simple Home Remedy For Anemia"& have a query in relation to it.Actually my daughter aged 16 yrs. after undergoing a Major Brain Surgery in 2011, has continously been complaining of severe headache,whole body ache with weakening of nerves particularly of Rt. hand{it shivers],her concentration level has become weak,disturbed hormonal balance,frustrated &anemic too.Is there any remedy to overcome her problems.Secondly, i am having WHEAT GRASS powder ofGirme's.Can you suggest me as to how much powder should be taken for making the medicine to overcome ANEMIA? How can i make her healthy and full of life.Pl. help me.Hope to hear from you soon.Thanks.

    1. If in this remedy you wish to replace the Wheat Grass juice with Wheat Grass powder then take the same quantity 2 grams as given in the article.

    2. Recoommend a mantra for me please ....
      I want to help someone ... So help me .
      Hare Krsna,...

  2. عمل رائع ، هذه معلومات أساسية تشاركها أنت. هذه المعلومات ذات مغزى وهامة للغاية بالنسبة لنا لزيادة معرفتنا بها. استمر دائمًا في مشاركة هذا النوع من المعلومات. شكرا مرة أخرى لتقاسمها. الرجاء زيارة موقعنا على الإنترنت أعراض فقر الدم


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