Remedies for removing Dark Spots from Skin

In a post written some time back; a remedy to reduce Dark Spots on the face and the other parts of the skin ; like armpits, neck , arms was given. Here in this post 3 great remedies for reducing and removing Dark Spots, which make most people feel embarrassed and distressed, are being given. Any one of these simple home remedies can be tried.

Take some Besan [Gram Flour] and mix it with some Honey and a little bit of Sour Lime Juice; mix all the 3 of them to make a paste. Apply this paste to your face; wash after an hour.

Take some Wheat Flour and mix either Coconut Oil or Fresh Cream to it and prepare a paste. Apply this mixture to the face and wash as said above.

The third remedy requires the following ingredients –
10 Gram Masoor Dal [Lentils] Powdered
10 Gram Beasn [Gram Flour]
3 Grams each of Kesar [Saffron], Turmeric, Fenugreek Seeds [Powdered], Mustard Oil, Dry Ginger Powder.
Mix all the above to prepare a fine paste. Let it dry and the wash it.
Also have a look at - This Post.

Disclaimer- Article written for information purposes only. To the best of my knowledge, these remedies are harmless and there is a remote possibility of any side effects.

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