Super Brainy Robots in Future

For future humans, let's ask: what should have been becoming most important for producing ever more progressive excellent descendants? Those devising mentally advanced possible new computer super brainy robots had been thinking a lot about some related issues. For all animals, most critically important had been inheriting evolved genes, and in a few rare occasions, most luckily having some beneficial genetics accident which could become inherited into future generations of descendants. This was responsible for achieving natural evolution, which had let species at times very slowly successfully advance against competing slowly evolving species.

But by now, increasingly well developed among us humans has been having gained a completely different nongenetic new way to speedily pass on, to lots more than just inheriting young, increasing advances well beyond simpler life. Yes, mental advances can be passed along into our new young simply by verbally having these taught to them. Any child not inheriting maybe the best genes for some of that from you or your mate could be ok. It is education which has proven best for continuing to advance humans ever more greatly beyond any other evolving Earth life. Such mental learning could seem a little like evolution. Isn't evolution supposed to be mostly about passing on to new generations helpful good species advances?

Some young simpler animals could learn some simple little matters from a parent, such as maybe how to better obtain good food. But humans learned many magnitudes of advances from not just parents, but also often originating from very remote developers. Human culture and technology had already been showing for thousands of years that the increasing advancement of our human species, greatly beyond any other Earth life form, was mostly being taken over by us having become verbally able to communicate with others, (even around the world), all needed complexities involved in our useful evolving advancing technology.

Verbally spreading much knowledge filling our minds, was uniquely humans' primary real-world rapid evolution nature, capable of vastly improving lots, deeper than just old simple cell genetics' terribly slow random evolution. Many who liked believing that they were Soulful Creations, as preferred by their God (Allah, Jahveh), unsurprisingly then credited Him as having Specially Created us to have a proclaimed uniquely Special mental verbal Souls nature, far beyond any simpler animal.

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