Mantra Prayog to Exorcise Black Magic

A Mantra Prayog to Exorcise Black Magic is given here. A couple of years back I observed a Sadhak from the Navnath Sampradaya practicing this Prayog on a young boy and a woman. This Sadhak told me that the Prayog was most beneficial in removing Jadu Tona; escpecilly in women and children who are not behaving normally and have become fearful due to no conceivable reason.

The following ingredients are required to perform this Exorcism rite -
Some Peepal Leaves
3 unbroken Betal Leaves
7 Rounded Mounds of Cooked Rice

While preparing the rice mounds mix 27 whole Urad Dal grains [uncooked] into the rice and then prepare the mounds, by taking a fistful of the rice in your fist and then give it a roundish shape.

Then keep the rice mounds and all the other ingredients in a Thali and do an Utara by rotating the Thali over the head of the possessed person. Do this 3 times in all; each time chanting the Shabar Navnath Mantra given here in this post; each time you chant the mantra clap loudly at the end of the mantra.

After doing the Utara all the items used for the Utara; except the Thali have to be immersed in a flowing water body.

An Exorcism rite using Shabar Mantra conducted in India
 Mantra to Exorcise Black Magic

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  1. hello Sir, i want to know is there any way to stop a person{A] doing black magic on a person{B} of the same family/her family with the gifts given by that person{B}.Secondly, is there any way to find out as to who is performing Black Magic.Hope you will help me in solving my queries.

  2. It is mentioned that 3 Betat leaves and 3 unbroken Betal leaves to be taken for this kriya. Total 6 Betal leaves needs to be taken? or Total 3 Betal leaves needs to be taken (all lease should be unbroken)?

    1. It is only 3 Betel leaves that have to be taken, which are unbroken.


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