How to Position the Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha has his own unique position in the Chinese and Oriental World of Charms and also in Feng Shui. He is said to be a most powerful Charm for honour, fame, name, money and fortune. Much has already been written about this Charm, so without going into unnecessary details I will tell you, how to position it in the house or workplace as the positioning and direction is most important.

The Laughing Buddha, welcomes incoming energy into the home, hence the energy becomes more vibrant and potent and circulates into every nook and corner of the home. Ideally the Laughing Buddha should be positioned at an elevation of 30 to 33 inches above the floor and be facing the main door of the home.

In case, due to the design and architecture of your home, you are not able to position the statue exactly in front and facing the main door, then you can position it on a corner of a table which faces the direction of the main door. The main thing to remember that it should somehow face or be near the main entrance from which new energy enters the home.

There is no harm in keeping it in a triangular position. However this is important; never keep the Laughing Buddha in the bedroom or kitchen. It need not be worshipped; but keep it clean.

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