Remedies for the Health of Students

These are some traditional remedies for students to maintain good physical and mental health. These days; due to enormous competition and the economic downturn, students are under great pressure to perform well in their studies and not to let the pressure and stress affect their health.

Some tips; which are in fact simple remedies can be practiced by students, are given here in this post. It is not necessary to practice all of them, the student can practice any one or more of these remedies and if it helps him, he can continue them.

1] At night keep 2 litres of water in a copper utensil. On getting up in the morning drink as much of this water as possible. This remedy has to be practiced for 1 month.

2] Eat fruits like Pineapple and Papaya; that is if you enjoy eating them; don’t force yourself to eat them; if you can’t stand the site of such fruits.

3] Put a earthen or iron utensil on the fire and add 1 teaspoon Ajwain [Carom Seeds] to it. When it starts spluttering add 3 cups of water and 1 teaspoon Vavdinga Churna [White-flowered Embelia Powder] to it. Let it boil till the contents come down to 1 cup. Filter the water and keep it aside and drink it at night, before going to bed. This remedy has to be practised for 1 month.

4] If you enjoy eating them; have leafy vegetables in your meals.

5] If the student is short tempered, impulsive and reacts strongly to anything; applying the pulp of a fistful of Tulsi leaves on the scalp and bandaging it; helps. The remedy is to be practised for 3 consecutive days at night while going to bed. This remedy can also be practised on small children who lose their temper at the slightest provocation and are in the habit of throwing tantrums.

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