Try this remedy for Dysentery

This is a simple remedy you can try if suffering from dysentery; this is one of those traditional home remedies; still practiced extensively in India.

There are 4 basic ingredients you require to prepare a mixture which is effective in controlling and stopping continuous loose motions and dysentery.

½ piece of Mayaphal; other names Majuphal and common English names - Oak Galls or Dyer's Oak
½ piece Jayphal [nutmeg]
A small piece of Sounth [Dried Ginger]
Half a cup of Milk

Now take the Mayaphal, Jayphal and Sounth and make a fine paste of it and thoroughly mix it in the Milk to prepare a mixture.

Consume this mixture 3 times a day and you will feel relief from loose motions and the dysentery will subside and stop in a day or two.

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