The Mongoose Tantra

The Mongoose is a wild animal; elusive and quick like squirrel. This animal, better known and popular for its feats in killing snakes is mostly found roaming around old buildings, isolated places and forests. There is a specific Mongoose Tantra which states that the Mongoose is the messenger of none other than Vishnu.

Spotting a Mongoose is considered to be auspicious and considered as an omen that the one who visualizes it, is going to be blessed with Laxmi and money is on its way. If you spot a Mongoose; while returning to your home; then as per the Tantra, you have head straight for your home and Meditate upon Vishnu and chant the Mantra – Om Namo Narayanaya Namah ||. Before chanting the Mantra the Diya should be lit and incense offered to Vishnu.

If a Mongoose crosses your path or stands in the right or left side and appears to be opening its mouth or making a sound; then it is a sign of good luck. The Tantra says that you should fold your hands and Bow to the Mongoose and Meditate upon Laxmi - Narayana. Then proceed to your destination.

This Tantra does not apply to the Mongoose you come across as a captive; either in a zoo or with snake charmers. The Mongoose should be spotted in its natural environments.

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