Can thinking souls be created?

Clearly what most distinguishes us humans, as being most importantly superior beyond all other animals, is our human verbal conscious creatively intelligent extra capable contemplative thinking minds, having durable extensive detailed exploitable memories. But must a legally accepted "person" really stay always tied to requiring that the "person" has some genetic cellular body and brain?

While considering whether some past long dead people (having had at least their brains preserved likely frozen) could eventually have all past conscious thinking neurons sufficiently analyzed, including all their past functioning mental interconnections, to then eventually become mentally simulated into some most capable new highly advanced computers, this had also raised questions about how much should be required for such a now simulated, though long dead person, to finally become accepted by others as if now properly becoming some fresh legal individual "living" person. And then what if this is duplicated into more than one such highly advanced computer? Should this produce what should be considered as simply one person, or as multiple different legal people? How should others decide this? It was generally agreed that simplest, and fairest to all normal legal people, seemed to be to rule out full legal recognition of such past dead now newly made artificial person simulations.

So, once enough becomes fathomed about what all is involved in becoming a proper thinking person, what if such mental characteristics are indeed somehow programed into greatly advanced highly capable computers? They could then in fact become far faster thinking new "persons", surpassing mere cellular brain thinkers. Also they could become much more complexly capable, able to produce results we can only obtain using advanced well programed mathematical science computers. But these would be just simulated completely new minds, not reactivated past dead once true people.

So this could become about like creating perhaps multiple new thinking souls, more mentally creatively capable than us! Having been created based on our human mental natures, they might likely be able to think up many things some humans would be interested in gaining. Some humans would likely become favorably interested in how many useful good new things they might become able to create. But other humans might fear some of what such simulated advanced new "souls" might try, ... who can guess what?

Some discussing this were agreeing that there was no major need to try anything like this. We had plenty of good creative minds with plenty of available free time to take care of any near future creative wants which might occur out in any settlement or back on Earth.

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