The Highest Form of Prayer

Para translated from Sanskrit means the Ultimate Truth; the Highest Particle or the Root or Beej of each and everything; seen and unseen; in creation. Para – Vani; again translated in to English mean the Sound of the Supreme.

There is a form of prayer given in the Hindu religion, known as the Para Puja. This type of prayer is said to be the ultimate form of worship. There are no Puja items involved; this included the symbols, images and idols of God.

This form of prayer should not be confused with Manas Puja or Mental Worship; where again there are no Puja items involved. Manas Puja is that Puja, which is done by the mind. For example the offerings of beautiful and scented flowers, fragrance and Bhog are not made in a physical manner; but by the mind. You might have heard of such forms of worship; notable the Shiv Manas Pooja.

Para Puja goes a step further; it transcends the Chitta; the conscious mind. This form of prayer was made popular through a composition of Adi Shankara; called the Para Puja Stotra. The essence of this composition is -

How can I worship something that is limitless?
How can I worship something that is beyond thought?
How can I offer anything to something that is everything?
How can I install something that is everywhere.

What Adi Shankara seeks to tell everyone; through this Stotra is that; this is the prayer the Non- Dualist; the one who has merged his existence into the Ever- Existent; Para Tattva. This state of Non- Dual Existence is in itself a state of the highest Form of Prayer.

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    1. You can see this translation


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